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Canada has officially legalized marijuana for all adults

Canada became the first G7 country to legalize marijuana sales nationwide on Wednesday. Marijuana will be available to purchase either online or in retail stores depending on the province.

Marijuana sales officially began in Canada on Wednesday, making it the first G7 country — and th...

Nuclear War Experts Are Horrified by ‘Fallout 76’

With the threat of nuclear Armageddon looming, three nuclear war experts think Fallout 76’s new 'nuke loop' goes too far.

In what the developers call “the nuke loop,” Fallout 76 players can hunt down nuclear codes and launch ICBMs at the map. Fallout 76 gives players many incentives to...

Toke off! Marijuana is set to become legal across Canada

DELTA, British Columbia (AP) — Mat Beren and his friends used to drive by the vast greenhouses of southern British Columbia and joke about how much weed they could grow there.

Years later, it’s no joke. The tomato and pepper plants that once filled some of those greenhouses have been r...

Amazon Apparently Wants to Destroy TiVo Now

Poor TiVo. The pioneer of live TV recording was just minding its own business, muddling along in a world it doesn’t recognize when news broke that Amazon is looking to start a fight. That’s all it takes to send investors fleeing. But why does Amazon reportedly want in on this antiquated market...